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Petition for SFMTA to establish a Residential Permit Parking Area

Petition for Northwest Bernal

The Residential Permit Parking (RPP) program was established in 1976 to reduce commuter traffic in residential neighborhoods. The program makes it easier for residents to find on-street parking close to their homes. This is especially important in neighborhoods with older homes that do not have garages or driveways. The program applies time limits to on-street parking, usually two hours; residents with valid permits are exempt from these time limits. However, a permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Per San Francisco Transportation Code, Section 905, in determining whether to recommend that a residential area be designated as an RPP Area, the SFMTA shall take into account factors which include but are not limited to the following:
  • The extent to which legal on-street parking spaces are occupied during the period proposed for parking restrictions.
  • The extent to which vehicles parking in the area during the times of the proposed parking restrictions are not registered to residents of proposed RPP Area.
  • The extent to which vehicles registered to residents cannot be accommodated by the number of available off-street parking spaces.
Petitions of support must be received from a minimum of 250 households in the proposed area to initiate the planning process for a new permit area. 

This petition allows residents to express their support or opposition to residential permit parking for their block. By expressing your support for residential permit parking with this petition, you authorize the SFMTA Sustainable Streets Parking group to perform necessary surveys, hold public hearings, and recommend to the SFMTA Board of Directors that this area be designated as a residential permit parking area. You understand that if the proposed area is designated a permit area, the following would become effective:
  • Posted time-limited parking during designated days and hours
  • Exemption from these posted time limits for residents, business owners, and others whose vehicles have displayed a valid permit
  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 6,000 lbs. or more are not eligible for a permit
The neighborhood’s parking availability is affected by people coming from outside of the neighborhood, as well as the density of cars owned and parked on the street by residents. Given this situation, staff are proposing two pilot measures to help increase parking availability for residents:
  • One RPP permit per driver
  • Two RPP permits per household
More detailed information about the program, including permit pricing and eligibility requirements, may be found at:

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Disclosure: In order to verify the petition, residential home address and email contact information for any person signing the petition are required. Please be aware that the information you provide to the City and County of San Francisco may be used, disseminated, and retained as needed in conducting the City's official business and some information, such as the names of persons who have signed the petition, may be subject to disclosure in accordance with the California Public Records Act and San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance.